What Is ComWales?

Making I.T. Affordable for everyone

The concept for our company was a company owned and operated by it’s employees for the benefit of them and the communities we serve. As our company is owned an operated by its employees the emphasis is on inward investment and long term strategies. Not in it for the quick buck, we are building a successful technology company that provides products and services to all sectors across the UK and EU

We provide a comprehensive range of services including ecommerce fulfillment, Retail and white label installation and technical services, Telecommunications , Fibre and 5G Network Infrastructure and  Server Hosting and  IT maintenance to name a few.



Our clients benefit from our experience and wide range of connectivity solution that can bring significant increase in bandwidth over existing broadband availability. Our Broadband bonding techniques combine multiple ADSL, VDSL, FTTx and Even 4/5G

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Knowledge is power and the internet contains a wealth of knowledge

Our Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

Gone are the days where one man can get everything done at ComWales, so we have a dedicated team of professionals that look after each part of our business. Our business is split into the following areas:

Retail online and offline at Pontypridd

Subcontracting providing branded and white label installation and support products to our High street multiples clients.

Telecommunication providing residential and commercial connectivity across a variety of mediums at attractive speed and price points.