What We Offer

We’ve Got CONNECTIVITY For Everyone



  • An MPF ADSL2+ connection offers great revenue opportunities from the combination of line rental, broadband and call revenues

  • Delivered through a single supplier enables a simple fault process and a better experience for you

  • A range of speeds and care level options allows you to deliver propositions to meet specific needs

  • A range of Network Prioritisation product options are available ensuring you can order a variant that suits the needs of you

  • Part of one of the UK’s largest fully fibre optic IP networks delivering the speeds and guaranteed bandwidth that businesses need from Business Broadband to Annex M

  • A range of feature rich APIs or portals which allow you to provision and efficiently manage your services. Our tools will allow you to improve the experience for you and reduce the cost of serving.


Product (ADSL2+) Downstream Upstream Specs

Product (ADSL2+) Typical Downstream UPTO 24Mbps Max Upstream
MPF 17 Mbps Average 1 Mbps
MPF (Annex M) 17 Mbps Average 2.5 Mbps

What is Voice & Broadband?

Using our all-IP Next Generation Network, we can offer broadband with service assured traffic to support you and your customers’ business-critical applications.

The line rental, broadband and voice calls are all delivered in a single solution which allows you to maximise your potential.

It also gives the added benefit of having a single point of contact for all queries.  That coupled with the comprehensive suite of tools provided to support the service means you are better supported leading to a great customer experience.